“Chthonic Revelations” by Alexander Corvus

"Chthonic Revelations" by Alexander Corvus

"Trophonios may be somewhat an obscure mythological figure to the modern occultist, but his influence was felt all over the ancient world. Trophonios (whose name translates into “Nourisher of the mind”) was a demigod, son of the god Apollon and a mortal woman, and gifted in the art of prophecy. Amongst the many who visited his oracle, we have a few names that still resonate throughout history, like the Pythagorean philosopher Apollonios of Tyana, the General Philippos of Makedon, or the great geographer Pausanias. At his groove in Lebadeia, Trophonios appeared before those who sought him and spoke through images of horror that rent the petitioners temporarily unsound. It is his strong connection to the chthonic forces (after all, he was swallowed by the earth, according to the myth), together with his ascension to godhood, that make him especially apt as a tutelary daimon for the Left-Hand practitioner.

Through the pages of Chthonic Revelations, we will learn of Trophonios’ life as a mortal and his ascension to godhood from the perspective of a LHP practitioner, and for those who dare, the keys to making contact with the Giver of Nightmares are given as well. The first part of the book will take us to Ancient Greece, where we will analyze the particularities of Trophonios’ Oracle and its links to other mysterical cults. The second part of Chthonic Revelations focuses on the applications a modern, solitary practitioner of the LHP can make use of, both for mundane and spiritual purposes."