“The Blood of the Saints” by Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford

"The Blood of the Saints" by Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford

"Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford, two experienced magicians, present an uncensored record of their activities over the course of a year. In their ongoing effort to unleash magick from the dead-end of extreme post-modernism and re-invigorate the notion of 'The Great Work', the authors climb onto the ladder of enlightenment and haul themselves across the abyss, detailing their techniques and experiences as they go. This compendium of articles, essays, dialogues and magickal rituals contains all you need to replicate that process and cross the abyss for yourself, plus plenty more besides: spirits, angels, demons, aliens, Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson and Austin Osman Spare. The book is written in the usual down-to-earth and humorous style of the authors' award-winning occult website, The Baptist's Head, where most of this material first appeared. It has been lovingly revised, referenced and indexed for this collection."