“Story by Numbers” by Adam Skelter

"Story by Numbers" by Adam Skelter

"So you’ve got this script or this novel you’re working on. Is it good? How do you know? Does it have fully dimensional characters and a plot that digs up their demons and forces them into a reckoning?

Story By Numbers is a step-by-step deep dive into structure that will take your story from an underdeveloped storm of "cool ideas", to a slick, compelling work with fully dimensional characters. It uses the protagonist’s inner conflict as the guide to developing plot points and meaningful conflicts. It takes an irreverent, hands-on approach to story and character development in three parts:
Part One tackles the infamous 4 Act, 8 Sequence, 24 Plot Point structure presented in the Anatomy of Chaos series.
Part Two is a 35 Question guide to interrogating your story and organizing it into a compelling structure.
Part Three is next level, dope shit to think about as you’re developing your stories.

Story By Numbers guides you through a vivisection of your story and helps you find ways to trim the unnecessary stuff, while fleshing out one dimensional characters."