“I AM” The Key to Mastery” by Peter Mt. Shasta

"I AM" The Key to Mastery" by Peter Mt. Shasta

"Find God within and call that Presence into action! This small yet highly charged book brings ancient teachings of the Far East into the I AM Teachings that were given by the ascended master Saint Germain to Godfre Ray King in the 1930s. Now Saint Germain reveals further spiritual practices that have long remained hidden to the West. Meditations are given to help expand consciousness and open the heart to Love and compassion for humanity. New I AM Affirmations are given to help attain Mastery in daily life. This is a handbook for all students of the Masters as well as those who are just beginning on the spiritual path, and is highly charged with spiritual energy and consciousness.

Enlightenment is only one step along the spiritual path. Mastery in the world is next. You came into embodiment for more than to learn how to get out of here, but to learn compassion and Mastery. Following the advice of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Peter Mt. Shasta has incorporated teachings of Tibet and India into the I AM teachings given to Godfre Ray King in the 1930s. This shifts the focus from the mind to the heart, where the sacred flame of God is anchored. It is in learning to find and call forth that I AM Presence that one becomes Master.

Includes many I AM Affirmations for use in daily life, also many different meditation instructions for use at different points on the spiritual path. Some methods given are: Vipassana, Sun Meditation, Meditation in Action, Pearl's Looking Meditation, and Love Meditation.

Also included is the origin of the concept "I AM" and how this and other spiritual teachings came to the West."