“Tea Leaf Reading” by William W. Hewitt (2nd edition)

"Tea Leaf Reading" by William W. Hewitt (2nd edition)

"Learn the ancient art of interpreting the shapes of tea leaves for yourself and others in Tea Leaf Reading by William W. Hewitt. This book is your complete guide to reading and interpreting tea leaves.

You don't need any prior knowledge or psychic abilities—just a teacup, some tea, and the desire to have fun Each step is completely explained so you can be giving tea leaf readings in minutes. You'll learn how to:
– Phrase questions effectively
– Prepare the tea cup (how much loose tea to use, how to mix water with the leaves, how to infuse the tea leaves with your energy, and how to disperse the leaves around the inside of the cup)
– Analyze the tea leaves for the reading, including numerous examples

You will learn what the tea leaf patterns mean by referring to the extensive, illustrated glossary of more than 400 symbols. Find out about the different "zones" of the teacup, and how you can determine what's in store for you for the next twelve months. You can also use the tea leaves to answer specific questions. Do you see a bride's dress? Expect extensive changes in your life. Is there a firecracker in the cup? That means enjoyable excitement. A roof implies protection for you, your family and your possessions. Skis indicate that you are moving too fast and need to pay greater attention to detail.

Reading tea leaves is nearly as easy as tea drinking—and even more enjoyable. Pour yourself a cup of tea and find out what the future has in store for you with the help of Tea Leaf Reading."