“The Sheldrake Shift: A Critical Evaluation of Morphic Resonance” by Thomas Stark

"The Sheldrake Shift: A Critical Evaluation of Morphic Resonance" by Thomas Stark

"Rupert Sheldrake is an astute critic of scientific materialism. He is not an astute critic of his own system of formative causation and morphic resonance. The final theory of everything — ontological mathematics — can be used to reveal the fallacies that bedevil scientific materialism and morphic resonance alike.

Sheldrake's system can be viewed as a mystical shift away from scientism. It hasn't found a coherent, rational way to replace the scientific worldview. Everything that Sheldrake seeks to accomplish with his ill-defined morphic fields can be analytically achieved by ontological Fourier mathematics.

Ontological Fourier mathematics is the formal solution to the notorious problem of Cartesian substance dualism of mind and body and how mind can interact with the body if mind is unextended and body extended. Ontological Fourier mathematics shows how an unextended frequency domain (a mental Singularity) can generate and control an extended spacetime domain of matter (the physical universe).

Via the non-local Singularity, ontological mathematics allows instantaneous communication outside spacetime, thus explaining quantum entanglement.

Ontological mathematics provides a fully holographic solution to the worldview proposed by Sheldrake. All of his ad hoc, arbitrary fields can be replaced by analytic sinusoidal wavefunctions, fully compatible with quantum mechanics.

Sheldrake has started a shift away from scientism. This shift, when analyzed in terms of reason and logic rather than mysticism and faith, culminates in the supreme paradigm shift from scientific materialism and empiricism to scientific idealism and rationalism, more commonly known as ontological mathematics.

We have had the Age of Mysticism (the first endarkenment, predicated on mystical intuition and resulting in animism and shamanism). We have had the Age of Faith (the second endarkenment, predicated on emotional faith and resulting in mainstream religious belief systems). We have had the Age of Empiricism (the first enlightenment, predicated on the senses and resulting in scientism). It’s now time for the Age of Rationalism (the second and final enlightenment, predicated on reason and logic and resulting in ontological mathematics, the triumph of thinking)."