“Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors” by John Kreiter

"Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors" by John Kreiter

"Many people are interested in using thought power to manifest money, wealth, and prosperity in their lives. Unfortunately, they do not know that there is more out there to work with than just ‘The Law of Attraction’ or ‘The Secret’.

In this book you will discover the difference between thought forms and servitors and how you can create your own very powerful thought forms to manifest the material things that you desire.

You will learn:

– How to create a wealth building servitor, and how you can participate in a group-created wealth servitor which I refer to as the “MOlamp Experiment”.

– How thoughts create reality and how they create the objects and situations in all our lives.

– What beliefs are, how to discover your own beliefs and how to change them. This definition and the techniques mentioned are quite different, at a fundamental level, from what many are now practicing.

– About the Obtainability factor, and how this seldom mentioned dynamic can make all the difference when it comes to your success in manifestation.

– How synchronicity, omens, and meaningful coincidences play a major role in getting you what you want.

– How to achieve a detached mental state that will allow you to relax and to attract luck into your life.

– Why it is impossible to be happy, appreciative, and positive all the time and why you can’t use the mind in this way to manifest the things that you desire.

It is my hope that this book will be a valid resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike."