“Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense” by John Kreiter

"Vampire's Way to Psychic Self-Defense" by John Kreiter

"Discover the best way to psychic self-defense:

– Learn to overcome all your personal negative energy so that you can stop all negative thoughts.
– Discover how you can overcome the negative intention of others, and become stronger as you do so.
– Learn how to stop all those negative thought forms and entities that plague so many in our modern times.

This book will not only show you how to overcome, but how to thrive as you vanquish all the evil and negativity in your life.

What is evil? Negativity? Bad intent?
How do you measure them, and more importantly how do you overcome them?

For some it is easy to see things in a black and white paradigm. Others see shades of grey and contemplate the complexity of the human mind. But whatever philosophy is used, these philosophies help very little in combating the negativity within ourselves and the bad intent of others.

There is a better way to see the world and overcome the evil that beseeches so many of us.

Even though our rational mind tells us that we are acting like children when we jump at the shadows that we see at the corners of our eyes:

we still fear the dark.

Normal psychic self-defense techniques do not work very well and even when they do, they are very costly energetically.

There is a better way, a more powerful way, a more natural way."