“Liber Vis: Xaos Solutus” by Daniel Domaradzki

"Liber Vis: Xaos Solutus" by Daniel Domaradzki

"Discover your inner power

Unlock your true potential by applying the ancient wisdom from numerous systems and teachers to increase your sports performance, mood, vitality and energy levels. Use these simple yet powerful techniques to consciously manipulate your body and mind. Learn a set of skills that allows you to completely change your mindset, influence the physiology of your body and the psychology of your mind. Become a contemporary ninja and utilise secret meditation techniques to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Only raw information

This book includes only pure instructions and raw information. No fillers, no stories, no analogies, no more wasting of your precious time. Read, implement and practice. Simple as that. The material is divided into 3 parts: essential skills, advanced practice and bonus content. Each of the chapters covers a set of unique exercises that serve a specified purpose, instructions regarding the practice and useful tips that aim to speed up the process of learning.

It’s all about the mindset

Mindset is one of the most powerful factors that influence your chance to succeed. Back in the days, every experienced coach was aware of that but now the times have changed. People tend to focus solely on extrinsic factors, thus missing out on the potential that a strong mindset can provide them with. This book will teach you how to inure your body to pain and hard work, condition your mind, change your attitude and strengthen your willpower. Reading this book and incorporating the proposed exercises into your routine will allow you to overcome any hardships you might encounter on your way to self-realisation.

12-month long programme!

This book will provide you with the tools essential to complete the process of self-transformation. The described training programme takes 12 months to complete. At the end of this period, you will be able to control your body, your mind and your spirit. Devoting yourself to completing such practice serves one simple purpose, to master your mind and body."