“Asatru: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Heathenism” by Sebastian Berg

"Asatru: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Heathenism" by Sebastian Berg

"The Asatru people don't believe in preaching; they simply invite you to become involved. Understand what beliefs they uphold and the rituals they hold to celebrate their Gods. Asatru is a religion that follows the Pagan beliefs that nothing is as important as nature and harmony. It encourages its followers to live a harmonious life, celebrating the wonders of the natural world and embracing ancient beliefs. You may believe that the Gods are out there and you may be interested in finding out more about an alternative way of living. No matter what your reasons, this book will help you understand the basic principles involved in Asatru practices and how they can influence your life.

Inside this book you will discover:
Norse Gods of Asatru
Norse Goddesses
The Sacred Asatru Calendar and the Rites that Accompany the Dates
Norse Magic
Living as a Pagan in Modern Society
And Much More!!"