“Etidorhpa” by John Uri Lloyd (Extended edition. New Chapters & Fully illustrated)

"Etidorhpa" by John Uri Lloyd (Extended edition. New Chapters & Fully illustrated)

"This extended edition includes three chapters from a 1901 edition (not found on modern reprints) and five pages of an incomplete Etidorhpa sequel by John Uri Lloyd.
-Fully illustrated. 65B&W illustrations. Including all illustrations from previous editions.
-First published in 1895 this work has survived as a cult book. An almost ghostly appearance to an occult student tells the story of his past as a member of a secret society which he betrayed exposing its secrets; his punishment for this? A journey inside the earth, to slowly abandon his humanity to be a keeper of knowledge and for something else… A journey to ETIDORHPA, a realm, a conscience, an energy.
-To say this is an early science fiction narrative wouldn't be enough, to add that this is a fantastic story about an iniciatic journey to the earth's interior, a compendium of scientific hypothesis that goes from geology to metaphysics, an illustration of the miseries and hopes of men; that would, at least, be a better example to describe this singular work, inasmuch as this great narration contains multiple layers of interpretation."