“Cosmic Habit Force: How to Discover and Use Nature’s Superpower” by Mitch Horowitz

"Cosmic Habit Force: How to Discover and Use Nature’s Superpower" by Mitch Horowitz

"In one of his bluntest and most practical works ever, popular voice of esoteric ideas Mitch Horowitz explores the most powerful steps you can take to bring yourself into alignment with the natural forces of life to produce greater effectiveness, self-expression, creativity, earning ability, and personal happiness.

In this book, Mitch makes his first detailed exploration of the most intriguing and mysterious idea charted by success master Napoleon Hill, Cosmic Habit Force, and demonstrates, step by step, how you can enact this method by incorporating 23 simple principles into your life.

Cosmic Habit Force demonstrates how to "Harness Unexpected Forces" (Habit 5), "Loosen the Hold of Fear" (Habit 7), "Avoid Predatory Personalities" (Habit 20), "Expect Great Things" (Habit 22), and much more.

As Mitch describes, certain ways of living bring you into alignment with laws that enable nature and all of life. This is not dissimilar to concepts found within Taoism and Transcendentalism. When you function within this productive flow, cycles of growth appear at your back. All of nature aids your advancement."

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