“Narcos Magick” by Asamod ka

"Narcos Magick" by Asamod ka

"Diablito (Angelito Negro, Ángel Negro), Santa Muerte, cuban Santeria, Jesus Malverde, San Simón and other entities.
Narco religious culture, brujeria, crossed spiritism, relentless Mexican magick.
Herbs and sticks used in Palo Mayombe. A powerful occult book.

Powerful salgación/curse spells against enemies.
Prayers to Malverde and Santa Muerte to protect you from enemies, bless the bullets, recover from wounds, protect yourself spiritually.
Palo Mayombe rituals, the cauldron of Nganga spirits, the sticks and herbs to use, Cuban Santeria blessings, and much more!
Several example images."