“Western Sidereal Astrology for Beginners” by John Savarese

"Western Sidereal Astrology for Beginners" by John Savarese

"Finally the first easy-to-understand e-book on the basic nuts and bolts of Western Sidereal Astrology! The essentials of this fascinating new approach to astrology are presented in step-by-step instructions, illustrations, examples and charts. You will learn about precession, solar time and sidereal time, how to reconcile the differences between tropical and sidereal astrology, right ascension and declination, how to use an astrological speculum, how to calculate the rising, culminating (at the midheaven), setting and anti-culminating (opposite the midheaven) sidereal times of planets including eight examples covering the rising and setting of planets in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and how to create and use primary directions (your natal chart angles directed to your natal planets) to enhance your life. Even instructions for using the Casio fx-260 solar calculator in the examples are provided.

Perfect for beginners in astrology and for experienced professional astrologers who want to know more about sidereal astrology. The fun gift for anyone interested in Astrology, New Age Spirituality and Astronomy."