“Mental Projection Made Easy” by Kenyata Long

"Mental Projection Made Easy" by Kenyata Long

"When you learn to consciously project your consciousness, you recapture the inborn freedom given to you by the creator. Make no mistake that this truly is a gift and we are to use it to increase the prosperity levels of our own lives and the lives of those we know. In fact, Mental Projection is such a powerful tool that you can even use it to raise the vibration of the planet and even other places in the galaxy. The only limit to how you can use this natural gift is your own imagination and training.

Using Mental Projection, you can become a nearly unstoppable force for both your personal good and the good of the planet. Activating your mental projection powers will allow you to:
Receive information about any point in the galaxy
Send healing energy to any person, place or thing
Send any frequencies to any person, place or thing
Communicate psychically with any person or group over large distances.
Receive information from extraterrestrial intelligences (if you desire)
Receive information from the future
Change the future and manifest the future you desire.

The list is endless and you’ll discover simple techniques to help you unlock and develop all of these abilities within yourself. Hang on because you’re in for a wild ride!"