“Keys to Great Writing” by Stephen Wilbers

"Keys to Great Writing" by Stephen Wilbers

"Empower your writing! Keys to Great Writing covers every aspect of the craft, showing you how to develop a writer's voice that is unique, precise, and effective.

From grammar rules to revision strategies, you'll find the crucial information you need in short, easy-to-browse sections that enable you to hone your own signature writing approach. No more wading through dry style manuals. No more guesswork. Just clear, proven guidance, including:

• Four Myths of Great Writing
• The Elements of Style Checklist
• The Elements of Composition Checklist
• The Four-Step Writing Process
• Glossary of Grammatical Terms
• Proofreading Checklist
• Four Common Errors in Word Choice (and How to Avoid Them)
• Five Ways to Bring Music to Your Writing
• Fourteen Techniques to Eliminate Wordiness
• And much more!

Keys to Great Writing is like having your own desktop writing coach. Use it, learn from it, and give the voice to the great writer within you."