“Kuji-In 2: Qi-Gong and Kuji-In” by Maha Vajra

"Kuji-In 2: Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" by Maha Vajra

"Qi is energy in its manifested form, and Gong is the practical method of application. Therefore, Qi-Gong methods are the techniques using the flow of energy inside your body. Qi-Gong is a Chinese art, that I intentionally added to my Kuji-In training. Many of the pretended dangers of over-practicing Kuji-In, can be avoided if the student is able to feel and manipulate his energy correctly. It makes your Kuji-In develop faster and safer.

Kuji-In is translated from the Japanese as "Nine Syllables Seals". While your hands seem to be the primary tool in these techniques, each hand mudra is combined with a specific mantra, visualization, focus point and philosophy, that completes the technique.

Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. Your psychic abilities will evolve, and you will achieve an expanded perception of the world."