“Behind the Veil: The Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep” by Daniel Allen Kelley

"Behind the Veil: The Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep" by Daniel Allen Kelley

"In this mind-bending book you’ll learn the complete art of Conscious Sleep. Unlike many books on the subject, Behind the Veil covers everything from Vivid, Lucid, and Pellucid Dreaming; Out-of-Body Experiences; Astral Projection; Energy Work; and much more. You’ll learn:
• To cultivate Vivid, Lucid, Pellucid, and Astral skills.
• Meditation methods to enhance Lucidity while in the dream state.
• How to uncover and refine your “dream language” to decode messages from your subconscious mind.
• How to format and maintain a thorough and accurate Dream Journal.
• How ancient Taoist methods can help you cultivate Dream Control and Out-of-Body Experiences.
• A critical and candid discussion of so-called “entity” encounters."