“Sleeping Self: a lucid dreaming, astral projection, and scrying manual” by Dusan Trajkovic

"Sleeping Self: a lucid dreaming, astral projection, and scrying manual" by Dusan Trajkovic

"Dear friends,

I am glad to be able to present to you my new book on lucid dreaming and astral projection. This project arose through my workshops on astral projection, but also at the wish of my friends and students to frame all my research and practical instruction within one book. To my great joy, I finally made it happen.

Here is a continuation of certain chapters in my previous book Anatomy of the Abyss—the Neopthyte's Compendium, established as a basis on which a new and expansive study of out-of-body experience can be undertaken. This is everything I know about lucid dreaming and astral projection. This material focuses on practical inputs, without venturing into excessive theoretical considerations or the philosophy of the Inner Planes. It serves primarily to arrive at these values in person, without implanting dogmatic attacks in the Practitioner's mind. This book provides the necessary steps toward Astral Travel for any Aspirant — whether he decides to reach them through lucid dreaming, the externalization of consciousness through mental projection, or by way of the art of scrying.

Special attention is paid to the Sigils, who receive their invisible spectrum of application through lucid dreaming and influence the physical world through the dream region. Also "The Body of Light" exercise — a largely misunderstood technique that is a real hidden gem in out-of-body methodology.

The book contains decades of personal experience which revealed to me many tricks in changing and exteriorizing consciousness. I came to abandon the literal interpretation of most generally accepted methods, instead learning to adapt each nuance to my own needs. I tried to write the book in words that every beginner will be able to apply and achieve. The student should be able to completely establish practical proof and first-hand insight into everything I speak to in this book. Personal experimentation will help the aspirant to make and develop his own techniques and method — the way I've walked all this time, and how I came to success: following my nose!

Thank you all. I hope reading the book will be a pleasant experience for you.

Sincerely yours, Dusan Trajkovic"