“The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate” by Ethan Indigo Smith

"The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate" by Ethan Indigo Smith

"Geometry focuses on understanding the tangible. Meditation focuses on understanding the intangible. The benefits of understanding the outside world are stupendous, and the benefits of understanding the inside world are limitless. The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate includes numerous meditation instructions and concepts, but focuses on meditation comprehension. The more one comprehends meditation the more one potentially benefits.

The Geometry of Energy explores meditation and subtle energy through the four dimensions of geometry: Points, Lines, Planes, Solids. The four dimensions of geometry in relation to meditation and energy illustrate the true sacredness of sacred geometry. The Geometry of Energy enhances comprehension of meditation and conceptualization of energy.

The four dimensions of geometry provide a formula to meditation and energy comprehension. The Geometry of Energy is an empowering four step meditation presented through meditation lessons from across the globe. Understanding meditation and energy by way of the four dimensions promotes individuation through meditation.

The Geometry of Energy utilizes the four dimensions of geometry to enable a higher understanding of meditation practices. Through the simple and sacred four dimensions of geometry, understanding various processes for psychologically and spiritually cleansing our being are constructed."