“Crypto Magick: The Occult Power of Blockchain” by Lorne Cross

"Crypto Magick: The Occult Power of Blockchain" by Lorne Cross

"As magicians, we already know the power of numbers.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology everything is built for you once you learn the language and mechanics of the paradigm. Now the symbol of a coin or token is a sigil. The blockchain is an astral plane or the World Tree or the runescript of reality. The acts of buying, selling, and trading become spellcasting when you empower such actions with desire and your magical will. Currencies can become gods or egregores with which you can interact, through meditation or simple transactional activity. Your digital wallet becomes a personal altar and the public digital exchanges become a variety of sacred temples.

If you are willing to do the work, put up the money, take the time, and endure the risk… wealth and power await."