“Gothic Film: An Edinburgh Companion” edited by Richard J. Hand and Jay McRoy

"Gothic Film: An Edinburgh Companion" edited by Richard J. Hand and Jay McRoy

"This anthology explores the resilience and ubiquity of the Gothic in cinema from its earliest days to its most contemporary iterations. Fifteen newly commissioned chapters by prominent scholars in the field of Gothic and cinema studies examine the myriad ways that filmmakers mobilise Gothic conceits across multiple film genres and in conjunction with several significant film styles. In the process, the book contributes exciting new readings of canonical works of Gothic cinema as well as important new critical examinations of emerging horror subgenres.

Explores Gothic and horror film from early cinema to the present
Offers essays exploring Gothic film in the widest possible range of contexts
Extends the field of Gothic film by spanning diverse historical periods, international contexts and (sub)genres
Structured into 3 sections on History, Traditions and Adaptations
Provides major new appraisals of key works alongside neglected topics"