“The Filthy Grimoire: Sex Sigils and Servitors. Magick for Having Better Sex More Often” by Jareth Tempest

"The Filthy Grimoire: Sex Sigils and Servitors. Magick for Having Better Sex More Often" by Jareth Tempest

"It’s here! The book the people demanded with sigils they requested like Find a Sugar Daddy, Beast Mode, and the infamous Threesome Sigil. A book of seduction sorcery with no limits. The Filthy Grimoire is full of the kinds of dirty powers you’ve been waiting for. With it, you will have hotter dirtier sex than ever and you’ll have it more often.

Is there someone special that you’ve been dreaming of? The powers in this book will make you appear sexier, increase your confidence, and make your voice so enchanting they will melt with longing for you.

Age or inexperience affecting your performance in bed? There are sigils that will make you last longer, go harder, and be back for the next round quicker.

Your relationship not what it once was? Use the sigils and servitors in this book to increase communication, inspire more romance, and deepen your connection with one another.

With six servitors and over 70 sigils this book can help improve any aspect of your sex life. It builds from the ground up helping you banish feelings of loneliness and desperation, heal trauma, and break free from your society's sexual programming, thus liberating your sexuality. Then when all your hang-ups are cleared away there are powers to help level up your seduction game making you more confident, attractive, and able to keep your wits. Finally, it’s got the filthy sigils for what you really want so you can find someone to explore your kink with, explore every position, and with multiple partners.

Created with every sex, gender, and orientation in mind, this book has something for everyone. It will help you figure out who you are, what you like, and then gives you the tools to manifest the sex life you have always dreamed of."