“Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work and Play” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (25th anniversary edition)

"Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work and Play" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (25th anniversary edition)

"In a world organized around the assumption that serious work should be grim and unpleasant, we strive to make our lives more meaningful. Whether a line worker or a paper pusher, we find ourselves on a never-ending search for ways to counteract the boredom, anxiety, and alienation that our work-oriented society has become. But in this culture ruled by the pursuit of money, prestige, and pleasure, there are some individuals willing to give up material rewards for the elusive experience of mere enjoyment. These are the rock climbers, the dancers, the chess masters, and others who have sacrificed all for the power of play—these are the individuals who have entered the ‘state of flow’.

Now in a special 25th anniversary edition and filled with brilliant wisdom and insights, Beyond Boredom and Anxiety offers a timeless introduction to the concept of flow and the scientific basis behind it—all through the work of one of the field’s great scientists, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Through real-life examples, discover how enjoyable activities provide a common experience—a satisfying, often exhilarating feeling of creative accomplishment and heightened functioning—and under what conditions serious work can also provide this intrinsic enjoyment.

For all of us who seek to recognize, understand, and apply this powerful motivational force, Beyond Boredom and Anxiety is a compelling look at the origins of flow and how its use can transform our lives.

Beyond Boredom and Anxiety is the book that introduced the world to flow. This state of peak enjoyment, energetic focus, and creative concentration experienced by people engaged in adult play has become the basis of a highly creative approach to living for millions of people around the globe."