“Life After Death” by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

"Life After Death" by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

"The question of whether we survive the grave has been in the minds of men for countless ages and is indeed one of the cornerstones of every major world religion, and in particular of the more recent movement of the Spiritualist Church. Many have endeavoured to answer this question, whether out of a personal obsession and devotion or as an act of serving their fellow man, and our libraries are filled with their treatises — some more enlightened than others.

Dr. Douglas Baker is not only well versed on the teachings of Ancient Wisdom, but a qualified medical doctor and has travelled the world investigating and lecturing on, among other things, this very important subject of life after death.

Dr. Baker's concise question-and-answer format makes this mystery-riddled subject very understandable for truth seekers of all ages, and is published in conjunction with his extensive public lecture tour of England in an effort to bring many so-called mystery teachings to the attention of the public as we approach the Age in which man will no longer proceed on "blind faith", but rather becomes a knower."