“Tok Sen: Sacred Tapping on the Thai Meridians” by Elefteria Mantzorou

"Tok Sen: Sacred Tapping on the Thai Meridians" by Elefteria Mantzorou

"Are you a massage therapist? Are you looking to enhance your skills with massage tools? Are you interested in energy work? Then this book is for you! It contains all the detailed instructions you will need in order to practice the ancient Thai therapy which is called “Tok Sen”. The book contains a link for a secret 26 minutes video, which demonstrates the techniques.

Tok Sen is an ancient Thai treatment. It is practiced mainly in Northern Thailand, as it originates from Lanna animist traditions. It is performed with a set of wooden tools, which consists of a “hammer” and a “chisel”. It is a special part of the sacred Thai Massage tradition.

What you will find in this book:
Information about the Tok Sen tools and Thai medicine.
Tapping techniques for the entire body and face, in four positions: supine, prone, side and seated.
Indications and contraindications are mentioned clearly.
More than 80 photos and diagrams.
A section on the Sib Sen: the ten Thai meridian lines.

After studying this book, you will be able to incorporate in your treatments the Tok Sen tools with confidence. Recommended for anyone who practises massage therapy, Thai Massage, energy work and yoga therapy, as well as similar health professions."