“The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits: A Look Inside From the Outside” by David Hack and Linda Lee Hack

"The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits: A Look Inside From the Outside" by David Hack and Linda Lee Hack

"The title of this book The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits: A Look Inside from the Outside obviously refers to me as the person looking in from the outside and Linda Lee being inside. However, the word "world" requires a little elaboration. The first connotation which might come to mind is the planet earth depicted by a sphere setting on a stand upon with a map of the continents and oceans is superimposed. Or, perhaps, what is visualized is a ball representing the earth rotating on its axis with other planets revolving around the sun. That is not what is meant in this title alone. Rather, a broader sense of the word is also intended. Consider the words "world of psychics, mediums and spirits" as being a collective of nouns referring to a realm or whole area of interest, such as the "world of medicine" or "world of science." Psychics and mediums, as we refer to them here, are humans living on our planet earth. Spirits, however, may be anywhere in our planetary system, within our "milky way" universe among its millions of stars and associated planets. Or, they may be among the countless stars, planets, and universes beyond our universe, and whatever may be further beyond all of that.

There are several levels of popular awareness of what psychics, mediums and spirits are and their interaction with each other. These levels may be generally categorized as follows:
1. None.
2. Heard about it, do not believe it, it is nonsense.
3. Heard about it, but never looked into it.
4. Curious, more information would help satisfy my curiosity.
5. Skeptical, but afraid there is some substance to it.
6. Have some knowledge but need more information to fully appreciate its meaning for me.
7. Lots of experience with psychics and mediums, but what else is there to it?

This book is written to address all levels of interest. It is meant to be both a basic primer, in the sense of an elementary text for readers not acquainted at all with psychics, mediums, and spirits as alluded to above. And, it is also intended to be informative about psychics, mediums, and spiritual activity at advanced levels far beyond the elementary."