“The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping: Volume One” by Nathan Brine and Wang Liping

"The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping: Volume One" by Nathan Brine and Wang Liping

"For centuries, high up in the mountains of China, spiritual adepts explored the essence of being human. Known as Taoist alchemists, these practitioners developed and refined systems of energetic practice that allow us to experience our true nature. The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping: Vol. 1 introduces a traditional system of Taoist self-transformation known as internal alchemy or neidan, outlining the core curriculum and instruction methods designed to awaken consciousness and the mind-body connection.

Wang Liping is the current transmitter of the Dragon Gate Lineage, a Taoist lineage that for centuries has been synonymous with the practice of neidan. The first in a series, Volume One briefly details Nathan’s training with Wang Liping before presenting the core practices of the first alchemical phase: how to build foundation, and refine jing, the lower frequency of energy associated with our physical body, into a more rarified form of energy called qi. Numerous methods, rituals, and techniques are included, as well as a clear framework for the practice.

Wang Liping is responsible for passing on the ancient knowledge of the Dragon Gate Lineage of Taoist practice, as a mentor and teacher for the next generation of students. Wang Liping’s lineage is a traditional Mountain Taoist lineage. These Taoists are fully engaged in self-transformation and the pursuit of transcendence.

Born in China’s northeast in 1949, Wang Liping was chosen by three masters of the Dragon Gate Lineage to become the 18th heir, holder and transmitter of the lineage. Wang Liping’s arduous training was described in the book Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard. Wang Liping began teaching publicly in 1985. Since then, he has trained many students throughout China and abroad. He continues to live in China and teach."