“Telepathy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages and Psychic Development” by Mari Silva

"Telepathy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages and Psychic Development" by Mari Silva

"If you want to discover how to unlock your telepathic abilities, then keep reading…

You have just found your one-way ticket to mind-to-mind communication. Do you have the gift of intuition? Are you interested in learning how to use the gift to communicate with other people via the mind? Would you like to learn the secrets of advanced telepaths?

Like everyone else, you were born with the gift of telepathy. Like most people, you lost your connection to this gift in childhood. Now, it is time to awaken that part of yourself again.

This book is a guide to help you unlock the secrets of telepathy and psychic development.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover:
The history of telepathy.
Advanced telepathy techniques to help you communicate with your mind.
How to influence other people with the gift of telepathy.
Powerful exercises for opening up the third eye and awakening your psychic senses.
Secret ways you can enhance your senses and become the master of your mind.
Amazing techniques for remote and near telepathy.

With this guide as your companion into the world of telepathy and psychic development, you can go from ordinary to extraordinary. With practical examples to help you along the way, this book will introduce you to a whole new journey, unlike anything you have ever known!"