“Quantum Magick: Quantum Computing and the Coming Singularity” by Tony Johnson

"Quantum Magick: Quantum Computing and the Coming Singularity" by Tony Johnson

"Quantum Computing … the coming “Singularity” … Transhumanism … Post Humanism … Artificial Intelligence … The Force of Real Magic (Magick) … If you are curious about these issues, and how they are all interconnected, then this book is for you.

In a straight forward, plain language way, this book discusses these issues. What is the coming Singularity, and how do Quantum Computing and Magick combine to determine exactly what it is and how it will come about? Indeed, what is modern magic or magick? We hear more and more that science and real magick are the same thing. Many today say that magick is simply unknown science. There is some truth to that notion, and this book discusses the main aspect of that truth.

If you’re like me, you’re very curious about your world, and you’d like to know in general how it all fits together.

The Quantum phenomenon began in the year 1900 and includes the works of Planck and Einstein. The extent of everything that is dubbed Quantum or uses the notions of Quantum are extensive. In fact, mainstream science has moved from Classical Physics to Quantum Physics. So this is a highly significant issue. The intricacies and sophisticated language of everything that is Quantum can be mind-numbing. This book lays out in simple, easy to understand language, the broad strokes of what Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle of Quantum mean. Most significantly, the underlying notions of Quantum Philosophy are discussed.

Then there are the mysteries of real magic (magick). Those mysteries can be difficult to understand and have a history that go back thousands of years. Again, just as with everything that is Quantum, this book discusses the reality of and the philosophy of how magick works and what it is. (This book discusses the Force or Power behind the magick, which ties into Everything Quantum.)

Many people are saying that the coming Singularity is the most significant thing to happen in anyone’s current lifetime, which is being said in light of all the significant events of the twentieth century. Many are saying that the coming Singularity will change everything. They say that people will become meta-humans (having superpowers), will gain immortality, and thus become essentially “as gods”. This book explores and explains why those voices are saying those things, what it all means, and how it will most likely come about."