“Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques: Mastering the Enchanting Art of Carving, Turning, and Scrolling Wands” by Fox Chapel Publishing

"Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques: Mastering the Enchanting Art of Carving, Turning, and Scrolling Wands" by Fox Chapel Publishing

“Your complete guide to wand-making magic:
20 enchanting projects of wooden wand designs inspired by fiction and fantasy
Carve, turn, and scroll with five wand projects for each of four woodworking techniques
Step-by-step instructions , coordinating photography, and easy-to-use patterns
Wand lore and the magical properties and personalities of various wood types
Inspirational gallery of characters from famous fantasy series wielding their magical wands and staffs
Sketchbook section provides space to work out your own original wand designs

Conjuring up wooden wands might seem like a magical process, but Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques is here to show you how simple it can be!

In this one-of-a-kind guide to making wands (written for woodworking muggles), you’ll learn how to create 20 unique designs that are sure to delight and manage mischief! Hand-carving, power carving, scroll sawing, and woodturning are all covered, making this fantastical project book perfect for beginner to intermediate woodworkers.

Get inspired by the gallery of beloved staff-carrying and wand-wielding characters from famous fantasy series Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings , including Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, Gandalf, and Saruman. Woven throughout these gallery pages are images of wands you can make in the book that are thematically similar—but distinct from—those iconic wands and staves.

As inspiration strikes, use the included Wand Sketchbook section to design your own original wands! The Wand Sketchbook is a jumping-off point for sketching your design ideas, along with areas to include your original wand’s name, wood type, length, core, and special skills.

In the projects section, five wand projects are provided for each of the four woodworking techniques (hand-carve, power carve, scroll saw, and turn), along with helpful step-by-step instructions, clear photography, patterns, and materials and tools lists. Organized by technique, each section starts with a helpful overview of the carving method, plus painting and finishing tips, so you can get familiar with the basics before you begin. The designs include enchanting wands that any witch, wizard, or fantasy-lover can create, making this book perfect for any woodworker who favors one method, but is also interested in trying new ones! A fascinating guide to woods and their inherent magical properties is also featured for additional wizardly knowledge.

A unique project collection that’s truly the first of its kind, this information-packed 192-page book is a must-have source of inspiration filled with fascinating wand projects. It belongs in every woodworker’s library!

Get started mastering the art of creating your own wands to make beautiful gifts for anyone who possesses a love for fiction, fantasy, and magic, with Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques!

Note: Wands will not be imbued with magic upon creation. Please consult your local wizarding expert to enchant your wands.