“The Tarot and Sex Magick: Using the Tarot to get what you want and who you want” by Sirius Rising

"The Tarot and Sex Magick: Using the Tarot to get what you want and who you want" by Sirius Rising

"This easy-to-follow, step-by-step practical guide takes you from the first principles of Tarot reading through to a powerful and efficacious auto sex ritual based on Tarot cards. In a sense, this is an initiation path that leads to the very doors of Magick. Whether that be black or white Magick, the choice ultimately is yours alone.

Sex and Magick are the perfect partners. This practical and easy to follow manual offers a solution to working with sex magic for the modern magician who is working alone and with few magical props other than your favorite Tarot deck. This work is suited to those magicians who are short on time and who needs to change some major aspects of their life. This manual will look at powerful and practical ways to prepare the magical self before performing a sex magical ritual.

For centuries practicing magicians have sought to marry these atavistic and powerful human forces together. Usually those who offer teaching on sex rituals have been condescending and patronizing to the intelligent and sincere magician. More often access to genuine sex ritual techniques are secretive, impossibly impractical, complex or beyond the expense of the normal working occultist.

Perhaps you did have the opportunity to work within a magical order that tantalizingly offers the carrot of sex magick at the end of a series of ever increasingly difficult (and expensive) initiations. You probably sensibly parted ways before your magical energy was drained. Maybe you did meet a lover who shared your passion for the occult but who stopped short at sharing their bed through a sex ritual. The often neglected aspect of cursing those who will not allow you to do your True Will is examined and a solution offered through the sex magic ritual."