“Da Vinci’s Divine Proportion: Another Piece of Da Vinci’s Puzzle” by L.A. Braun

"Da Vinci’s Divine Proportion: Another Piece of Da Vinci's Puzzle" by L.A. Braun

"Leonardo Da Vinci had been obsessed with the Divine Proportion of the Golden Ratio. It had been expressed through his many manifestations of the geometric pattern of the 'Stairway to Heaven.' There are geometric and mathematical constants that Da Vinci had secretly embedded within his works. He had tried to show us how these constants are ubiquitous—appearing above, below and within us. In fact, the secrets are woven tightly into the quilt of our very nature.

Explore the sacred universal pattern of the fractal iteration of the Sierpinski Triangle—as the overriding cosmic design of all matter and energy in what we today call reality. This book delivers a golden payload of fresh new rebus pictogram secrets that had been hidden within the Masters’ Art. The sizzling revelations are visible to those who will truly see—and they are guaranteed to jolt you right out of your safe zone.

Leonardo Da Vinci had stated that there are three types of people:…'those who see, those who can be shown and those who will not see.' Find out which type you are by looking at the sacred geometry in the Masters’ Art through the unique perspective of this picture-based book."