“Money Spells: Manifest Wealth, Attract Prosperity, & Create Abundance” by Skye Alexander

"Money Spells: Manifest Wealth, Attract Prosperity, & Create Abundance" by Skye Alexander

"You deserve abundance in your life—and Money Spells can help you manifest it. Whether you’re looking to reframe how you think about money, increase your salary, pay bills, or earn some extra money on the side, magick gives you the power to manifest those goals and create change in your life. With a section introducing basic spellcasting techniques, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, this collection of 45 spells for wealth and prosperity has everything you need to get started creating more value in your life.

Spells include:
-Use a Crystal to Invite Abundance
-Spark Creative Ideas to Sell
-Earn a Raise
-Say Goodbye to Debt
-Carry a Money Talisman
-Manifest Special Indulgences
-And more!"