“A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics: Miracles in the palms of your hands” by Peter V. Radatti (3rd revised edition)

"A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics: Miracles in the palms of your hands" by Peter V. Radatti (3rd revised edition)

"The Universe is awash in psychic power. Some of the names for this ability used in the past are Miracles, Blessings and Magic. It is natural and normal. Everyone and everything exists soaked in this power and everyone and everything has this natural ability. Normal people have this ability. People with above normal ability we call psychics. There is no difference except in the level of ability. Radionics amplifies and converts this ability, for everyone, into a simple to follow procedure. That is why the subtitle of this book is, "Miracles in the palms of your hands".

This book is intended as a starting point for new Radionics students. It does not explain what, it explains how. It is a spiritual based book. If you don't know what Radionics does then this book is not for you. If you know what it does and just need to know how to do it, then this book will get you there. Certainly there are things in this book that exist nowhere else that will make it useful even to experienced operators. This book introduces the Radionics Operating System (ROS) and the Radionics Operating System Program (ROSP).

The ROS is an easy way of performing radionics using Radionics programs stored in crystals. ROSP is the operating system program that supports that way of thinking. This concept turns the training of Radionics on its head. Instead of learning how to use the system and then taking years to get good at obtaining results, the ROS and ROSP lets you get results at a grand master's level from day one. If you ever wanted to develop your abilities this is a safe way to do it. "