“Secrets of the Thoth Tarot VOL III: The Sanctuary of Transcendental Art” by Marcus Katz

"Secrets of the Thoth Tarot VOL III: The Sanctuary of Transcendental Art" by Marcus Katz

"The Court cards of the Thoth Tarot are as powerful and beautiful as the Major and Minor Arcana of the deck. In this concluding volume of the Secrets of the Thoth Tarot trilogy, we cover the elemental nature of these sixteen cards and provide methods of interpretation based on Aleister Crowley's own writings.

For the first time, this book includes a compilation and explaination of Aleister Crowley's own tarot readings, including the deck he used and the method he taught his students.

Each of the sixteen Court cards is described in detail, covering the symbols, design and artwork in the words of Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley. A description of how the card relates to the I-Ching and the Shadow side of the card is also provided for readers.

To assist practical readings, all sixteen Court cards are accompanied by text detailing how each provides a message in terms of describing a real person, a part of the client, or an aspect of the situation.

This concluding book provides sections on colour symbolism throughout the deck, and an exercise in tarot Magick. It gives an Gated Spread for you to use with the Thoth Tarot, turning your whole life into a magical temple for a week.

Finally, we share two unique and contemporary Tarosophy methods of using the Thoth Tarot; the Sleeping Beauty reading and instructions of using the Thoth Tarot with the Lenormand Grand Tableau. These are accompanied by full transcripts of powerful real life readings.

This book is the ultimate guide to the Thoth Tarot Court cards, drawing deeply from Aleister Crowley's own diaries, notebooks, Thelemic philosophy and a lifetime of experience by the author."