“Secrets of the Thoth Tarot VOL II: Bricks of a Living Temple” by Marcus Katz

"Secrets of the Thoth Tarot VOL II: Bricks of a Living Temple" by Marcus Katz

"Drawing on over 30 years study and experience, access to Crowley's own magical diaries and journals, this second volume of the Secrets of the Thoth Tarot explains the deck like no other book!

In this second volume, we cover the Minor Arcana, with a clear description of each card and its symbols, plus a handy "In a Reading" section, with keywords true to Crowley's own designs. We also reveal several unique insights into the Minor cards from Crowley's own diaries and notebooks – for the first time!

In understandable introductions, you will learn about the worldview of Aleister Crowley and be surprised by the insight of the artist of the deck, Frieda Harris. You will also quickly discover the concept of Thelema, the Aeons, and other magical terminology to unlock the deck.

The book also provides a sample reading of the Minor Arcana demonstrating how the deck provides direct and clear answers to practical questions. It also includes an explaination of the I-Ching and Geomancy which apply to the design of the cards."