“Hieroglyphic Words of Power: Symbols for Magic, Divination, and Dreamwork” by Normandi Ellis

"A guide to harnessing the ancient power of hieroglyphs • Reveals hieroglyphs as magical tools for manifesting ideas in the material world • Offers in-depth interpretations of 60 hieroglyphs and guidelines for understanding them as words of power, oracles, and dream symbols • Explains how to create your own hieroglyph cards and amulets and use them for divination, meditation, and manifestation work Words are magic. They operate on many levels through both sound and symbol. Egyptian priests understood that language and thought could create realities if the exact words are uttered at the right time, properly intoned, and filled with intention. They called their magical language of hieroglyphic symbols medju neter, meaning “the Word of God.” These symbols...>>

“Sigil Magic – Common Forms and Variations (A Book of Chaos Magic)” by Lars Helvete. Better quality re-upload.

"This is a small book of Chaos magic. The first part is devoted to a complete description of various ways that sigils may be made - both common and uncommon. The second part describes various strategies of super-charging sigil magic and attaining better results. (Gnosis is not described in detail in this book. Such will be dealt with elsewhere) The following type of sigil types are discussed: 1. Visual Binary points Automatic Ink splatter/spray Burning Frottage 2. Action 3. Verbal Word scramble Permutation Anagrams 4. Auditory Melody Rhythms Sound layer Binaural beats 5. Clay and ready-mades"...>>