“Hieroglyphic Words of Power: Symbols for Magic, Divination, and Dreamwork” by Normandi Ellis

"A guide to harnessing the ancient power of hieroglyphs • Reveals hieroglyphs as magical tools for manifesting ideas in the material world • Offers in-depth interpretations of 60 hieroglyphs and guidelines for understanding them as words of power, oracles, and dream symbols • Explains how to create your own hieroglyph cards and amulets and use them for divination, meditation, and manifestation work Words are magic. They operate on many levels through both sound and symbol. Egyptian priests understood that language and thought could create realities if the exact words are uttered at the right time, properly intoned, and filled with intention. They called their magical language of hieroglyphic symbols medju neter, meaning “the Word of God.” These symbols...>>

Psychic Protection

Are you looking for a book on psychic protection that won’t try and sell you anything? Yes, tools are great fun to use and to have, but the greatest tool to protect yourself psychically is your mind, yet very few books address this point in any depth. However, in this book, you will find protection techniques that range from those that focus upon using your mind, all the way to the classic protection stones, oils, incenses, and herbs. All of this makes Psychic Protection one of the more versatile and user-friendly books on the subject. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, you will find something of value in here, and will see...>>

“Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life” by Diana Burney

"A blend of spiritual and practical material, Spiritual Clearings offers a comprehensive checklist of situations that may require a personal, home, property, or business clearing, from confronting illness or feeling “stuck” in life, to having trouble selling a home, to high employee turnover. In addition to describing energetic blockages, such as negative thought forms, author Diana Burney also discusses different categories of energy, its presence in the invisible world, and the unseen influences or beings that may be drawn to discordant energy. Through spiritual clearings, Burney proposes, we can release our own negativity as well as guide unseen negative forces toward the light. The book’s clearing rituals include prayers that invoke the assistance of...>>