“Sigil Magic – Common Forms and Variations (A Book of Chaos Magic)” by Lars Helvete. Better quality re-upload.

"This is a small book of Chaos magic. The first part is devoted to a complete description of various ways that sigils may be made - both common and uncommon. The second part describes various strategies of super-charging sigil magic and attaining better results. (Gnosis is not described in detail in this book. Such will be dealt with elsewhere) The following type of sigil types are discussed: 1. Visual Binary points Automatic Ink splatter/spray Burning Frottage 2. Action 3. Verbal Word scramble Permutation Anagrams 4. Auditory Melody Rhythms Sound layer Binaural beats 5. Clay and ready-mades"...>>

“Shadownomicon: Grimoire of the Shadow People” by D. H. Thorne

"This is a product of a life's work and experience, as the shadow people (we called them shadows back in the day) are entities I have "worked" with (survived) since I was a teenager (early 90s) in one form or another. They led both to my early ascension and mastery of dark magick, and eventual downfall and descent into skepticism to cope and protect myself from the madness. For thousands of years these beings have prowled around the edges of human civilization, occasionally manifesting in various cultures are dark gods of primordial chaos and darkness. But the more you immerse yourself in this current, the more you see they do not just come from outside, they are...>>

The Process of Magic: A Guide to How Magic Works

Learn how magic works and how to get consistent resultsThere are lots of books about magic, but how many of them actually explain how magic works or more importantly how to get a consistent result that meaningfully changes your life? The Process of Magic strips away the glamour and image of magic to focus on the reality of how magic works and what you can do to customize your magical workings.Instead of relying on prescriptive spells and rituals, why not learn the fundamental mechanics of magic and design your own workings? With the Process of Magic you’ll learn exactly that and much more:· What the 11 principles of magic are and how they create...>>

Magic by Design: How to Create your own Practical Magic Workings that get Results

Do you want magical workings that get consistent results? In Magic by Design, I teach you how to create your own magical workings, instead relying on magick spell books that aren't providing you the results you want. I'll show you how simplify or enhance an existing magical spell to get better results. I'll walk you through how to apply the principles of magical design to create your own unique workings that get consistent results. I'll share multiple case studies where I show you how the principles of magical design were applied to create original magical workings that got results and explain why they got results. And as a bonus you'll also learn how to create long term magical workings...>>