The Magic of Art: How to Use Sacred Art and Practical Magic to Get Consistent Results:

Learn how to combine sacred art with practical magic to get consistent results that transform your life. In The Magic of Art, Taylor Ellwood shares how art can become a potent magical tool in your spiritual practice. Best of all you don't need to be a talented artist to use art magic. All you need to do is pick up the paint brush, pencil, clay, etc., and start creating art that allows you to embody your magic and generate real results that change your life...>>

“Become the Maelstrom” by D. H. Thorne

"You are not your thoughts… “You” are the emptiness between your thoughts! You are the void, the alpha, and the omega! Your life is the dream of a sleeping god and all dreams may be made lucid. The objective of this book is not to wake you up and end the dream, but to instead help you awaken inside the dream. Awaken to the potential power that we all have as the god and devil of our own reality. This book details Thorne’s methods of Demon magick and black mysticism and is structured to help the novice to intermediate mage to understand what some consider the deepest dive into the fundamentals of magick and...>>