“The Power of Alpha-Thinking: Miracle of the Mind” by Jess Stearn

"The Power of Alpha-Thinking: Miracle of the Mind" by Jess Stearn

"What is Alpha-Thinking and how does it work? Alpha-thinking provides a gateway to your inner self, letting you produce and control at will your brain's most creative wavelengths of mental energy. Once you have mastered this ability, as have thousands before you, you can tune yourself into a happy state or productive one with equal ease. You become your own guide to your inner being and are your own healer.

And The Power of Alpha Thinking will open your mind to this wonderful world of positive living through:
Step by step instructions for reprogramming your life
The miraculous experiences of people who have practiced the positive meditation of Alpha
An examination of Biofeedback and whether it will work for you
Proven methods for overcoming smoking, overweight, stress, headaches, high blood pressure, and other problems."