“The Power of Self Mind Control” by Burt Goldman

"The Power of Self Mind Control" by Burt Goldman

"Every page of The Power of Self Mind Control directs you to the power you achieve when you are in control of your mind. In this book you will find many things that will have a profound, positive effect on the rest of your life.

Here are a few hints, but you'll have to read these pages to fully appreciate the benefits:
How to influence people.
Power for your business.
Stimulate your imagination.
Make inspired decisions.
Jump start your day, every day.
12 specific powers to delete stress from your life.
Specific techniques for success in all things.

A must read if one of your needs is psychological; or your need may be motivational, anger management, an adjustment of your weight, or stress control. Or it may be that you have a problem with someone who drinks, or is on drugs; or there may be a loss in your life. It could be self sabotage, fear of an event, it may be guilt or an ego problem. It could be a sexual problem, or family problem or money or health.

You'll find solutions to all the above and more within these power filled pages. Burt Goldman (google the name) has been training people all over the planet in how to make better use of the power of their mind for more than fifty years. He knows of what he writes."