“In Focus Sacred Geometry: Your Personal Guide” by Bernice Cockram

"In Focus Sacred Geometry: Your Personal Guide" by Bernice Cockram

"With In Focus Sacred Geometry, learn the fascinating history behind this ancient tradition as well as how to decipher the geometrical symbols, formulas, and patterns based on mathematical patterns.

People have searched for the meaning behind mathematical patterns for thousands of years. At its core, sacred geometry seeks to find the universal patterns that are found and applied to the objects surrounding us, such as the designs found in temples, churches, mosques, monuments, art, architecture, and nature.

Learn the fundamental principles behind:
Interpreting the sacred symbolism and principles behind shapes
Calculating numbers used in sacred geometry
Applying the golden ratio and Fibonacci’s Sequence to objects
Translating symbolic and geometrical letters and alphabets

This accessible and beautifully designed guide to sacred geometry includes a frameable poster of the main sacred geometrical shapes and their unique, innate arrangements."