“Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft: Divination, Magic, & Lore” by Roger J. Horne

"Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft: Divination, Magic, & Lore" by Roger J. Horne

"Exploring the common playing card deck as a book of magic authored by Old Scratch himself and drawing on cartomantic and folk-magical texts from hundreds of years in the past, Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft offers readers a concise, well-sourced, and practical guide to the witch's card-based arts. Innovative approaches to old traditions in this volume include unique spreads, such as "the witch's table," advanced reading techniques, and rarely detailed methods of cartomantic craft, including Leland's Aradian spirit conjuration, card-based sigilization and incantation formulae, and ritual card pairings for sabbats and seasons. In addition to a solid introduction to divination and magic using playing cards, this volume includes a brief essay exploring the inherent pairing structure in the trump sequence of the Marseille tarot. The sound approaches in Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft seek to offer a corpus of transferable lessons that can be utilized with any playing card deck or old-style tarot deck alike, emphasizing skillful pattern discernment over keywords and memorization. "