“A Walk Through Darkness: Pathworking Guide to the Goetic Demons” by Elmira J. Greige

"A Walk Through Darkness: Pathworking Guide to the Goetic Demons" by Elmira J. Greige

"Working with demons can be powerful, but you need to understand how to use that power to wield it effectively. Unlocking the power of the 72 demons of the Goetia will allow your magickal work to be infused with power – you can have access to knowledge, make significant changes in yourself, influence others, and change the world around you.
This book combines working with the traditional 72 demons of the Goetia (in the Lesser Key of Solomon) in a demonolatry tradition and pathworking techniques. In western esoteric traditions, pathworking is employed to explore the concepts and teachings found in the Tree of Life. Using this technique, this book will teach you a way to connect with these demons in your magickal practice.
This book will teach you the opening rituals as well as the pathworking "keys" to unlock the pathways to the 72 Goetic demons. The ritual is simple and can be done completely within your mind, only adding physical trappings if you wish.
Each demon is detailed in a modern interpretation to help you choose the best one to assist in your magickal endeavors. The book also includes tables of traditional titles, enns, elements, etc. for each of the 72. A unique pathwork is presented for each demon, and a sigil drawn by the author accompanies the simple, but rich text."