“Native American Spiritualism: An Exploration of Indigenous Beliefs and Cultures” by L.M. Arroyo

"Native American Spiritualism: An Exploration of Indigenous Beliefs and Cultures" by L.M. Arroyo

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"Explore the spiritual practices, legends, and traditions of various Indigenous tribes throughout the North American continent.

The Indigenous peoples of North America have followed a wide variety of spiritual traditions, many of which have been carried on to present day. Native American Spiritualism offers powerful insight into the origins and practices of Indigenous American spirituality with a multiplicity of spells, rituals, folklore, and myths. Expand your vision of spirituality as you explore:
Widespread indigenous spiritual traditions from across North America
Selected histories, myths, and legends that inform and enrich these traditions
Rituals, meditations, and other practices that can strengthen your spiritual life and help you live in a more conscious relationship with the earth

As with every title in the Mystic Traditions series, Native American Spiritualism is a celebration of a unique and beautiful culture. As such, the subject matter and content has been treated with the utmost care and respect to ensure an accurate and reverent presentation that is accessible to a variety of audiences, and serves to further educate and foster support for these rich practices and traditions for years to come.

Illustrated with stunning imagery, Native American Spiritualism is a must-read for practitioners who wish to explore the origins of their craft and practices."