“The Spell In My Pocket: Untold Secrets to Making Powerful Mojo Bags, Packets and Vial Spells” by Alan Fuller

"The Spell In My Pocket: Untold Secrets to Making Powerful Mojo Bags, Packets and Vial Spells" by Alan Fuller

"How would you like to boost your magical power in your daily life? Now you can, with the help of real folk magic that hails from the Appalachian Mountains. In The Spell In My Pocket, you'll find recipes and full instructions that you can use to make changes in your life with the help of mojo bags, packets and vial spells.

But that's just the beginning. You'll learn the secrets of how to put these portable container spells together for any purpose. You also get full instructions on how to set up and perform the incredible Rite of Awakening to bring the spell to life so that it becomes a powerful magical tool. Need to improve your love life or financial well-being? Make a mojo! Do you think you might need protection from foul spirits or negative witchcraft? Make a packet! Want to have more sex? Put together a vial spell!

Appalachian folk witchery came from Europe during Scots-Irish immigration and syncretized itself with the Indigenous Tribal Cultures of the Appalachian regions. Within these pages you'll find secrets of genuine Appalachian magic and be able to put them to use. You can use the power of this practice based in Old World Witchery to help get rid of crossed-up conditions, bring prosperity, find romance and get rid of bad luck. If you are doing any sort of magic at all, you'll find that the techniques in this book will powerfully enhance your current practice without dumbing down or harming the root origins of Appalachian Witchery. And if you're new to magic, you'll be surprised at just how successful the tools and techniques in this book can be.

Ready for a change? With the help of this book and some easily-obtainable ingredients, you can set those desired changes in motion now."