“Grimoire Of The Neteru” by Enoch Petrucelly (scan)

"Grimoire Of The Neteru" by Enoch Petrucelly (scan)

"Grimoire Of The Neteru is a quick access guide to divination using 33, all new, unique Sigils of the Neteru (Egyptian Gods and Goddesses), with unique meanings for each Sigil written by Enoch. You will also find in this Grimoire, new, potent Words of Power received from the Neteru themselves. When used correctly they will catapult your life into what you want it to be, changing your inner and outer worlds using only your voice and intention. The simple, yet very effective Circle of Heka is also presented for the first time to hold your space if you desire while you intone the Words. The 21 Sigils of Desire are also given here to give your readings flow and continuity."
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