“Randonautica: Creepy Stories (Real Life Experiences)” by Edward Collins

"Randonautica: Creepy Stories (Real Life Experiences)" by Edward Collins

"Randonautica stories are increasing in frequency as the app grows in popularity. Some are endearing and involve people finding the inspiration they were looking for. Some, however, serve as a reminder of what you should look to avoid. So, take this as your warning that there is some mature content in this book.

If you’ve been out the loop, Randonautica is a App that inspires users to explore their local surroundings by giving them random coordinates. You’re encouraged to think of a theme for your adventure to help you find something worthwhile. While the premise is simple, the inner workings are not. The app uses a quantum computer in the University of Australia to identify areas around you that are either high or low in quantum points. If you’re curious to find out more, you can check the complete guide of Randonautica included in this book.

We’re not talking about science this time, though. We’re collecting some of the Randonautica real stories to share what kind of experiences people have had with the app. We’ll include a mix of positive and strange (and disturbing), so you have a rounded idea of what to expect. Now that’s out the way, here are some of the best Randonautica stories.

This book includes:
*Randonautica Guide: Everything You Need To Know.
*Real-Life Experiences (Crime scenes, Spooky Apparitions, Bad Experiences, Strange People, Positive Coincidences and more).
*20 Really Freaky Coincidences People Have Experienced While Using Randonautica.
*All stories include real evidence (High quality images)."